Travel SIM card — unlimit incomming callings

Travel SIM Card or pick up the phone calmly abroad!

Travel SIM card is a #smart solution, you’ll see that 🙂 There are differences in the economic situation around the world, but globally speaking, that the mobile phone using during the stay abroad does not come cheap. If you use your mobile phone on abroad you have to pay, after your incomming calling done. The price per minute depending on the mobile operator and its foreign partners! Let’s say Americans do not averse to pay after incomming callings, within their own country, but exist in the Europen continent is an totally else mobile culture 😀

Travel SIM Card

Well then, what are the options?

There are also several service providers, where you can buy a travel sim card. It is important to know about these #SIM cards that usually US or England number belongs to them. However it’s not problem, because you can buy further virtual phone numbers according to your country 🙂 Why is it useful? I tell you why 🙂

Are you interested in a solution to this issue?

You purchase the #travel SIM card (micro SIM) and after you buy your virtual phone number which is familiar in your own country, you can make a call transfer from your original phone number to your bought virtual phone number! Ideally, call forwarding will be free or minimal cost, it depends on your mobile operator. But the point is that the phone will ring, which include the Travel SIM card. Voilà! You can pick up the phone and you can have unlimit incomming calling opportunity without large roaming fees, usually free of charge 🙂

Where you can get these services?

I give you a link to the relevant service provider, just for a sample. Please click to the Unlimited Virtual Phone Numbers according to the available countries and check their rates. Fortunately, there are several similar company. The Worldsim is one of the many. And this is good because if there are many, the prices can be competitive they can remain, or if even more companies will be, the prices will be more and more competitive!

Whos worth get it?

Of course, for those who travel a lot for some reason. The annual fee of this travel sim card and virtual phone number is approximately 70 – 120 USD. However my blog follower travel a lot, so I think this article will be useful for their 😀

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