Travel data roaming

Really discounted travel data roaming, when you are abroad!

Three days ago I shared with you my post about the opportunities of #Travel #SIM #cards. However there is a difference between travel roaming sim cards, and travel data roaming sim cards. While the former provides us with great opportunities to foreign unlimited free calls to receive, the other give to us a greatly discounted internet usage. In this article, I want to deal with the reduced foreign Internet data traffic.

But how I got my inspiration?

It would appear that a good penfriend of mine from Twitter, is my great influencer 🙂 Actually I talk about Henrik Jeppesen. He’s known well, as a world traveller. A few days ago we corresponded on #Twitter.

Our communication

Me: „Hello Henrik 🙂 Yesterday I published a blog post ‘Travel SIM card’. I have a question to you, because you’re really travel a lot, so the answer you would be extremely important to me. How you can save your money when you do roaming with your mobile phone? You are using a similar service as what I wrote? The opportunity of travel sim, really inspired me. But if you have a better idea please share with me your valuable thoughts.

He’s reply: Hi Tamas 🙂 good subject.. The best is to have an online number with Skype or other services and then instead get a data sim. I would like Googles project Fi but it’s only available to Americans… Now looking for a new solution

Me: Oh my gash the Skype drive me crazy. You know the original company was take over by M$. Since I can’t login 😀 Let me know in DMSG when you found the new solution. I’m always interested in this topics. Anyway thx your attention and your quick response. PS.: my problem was resolved on Instagram, I can’t imagine how 🙂 Bye – bye have a nice day with the best recreation!

After that, today I Travel data roamingmanaged to catch an interesting tweet by him 😀 I attach the screenshot.  According to our message exchanges, well seen, that my interest was focused to receive phone calls while I am on abroad, until then he focused to discount data roaming.


Okay, let’s start the travel data roaming article 🙂

What article I wrote a few days ago, I think it could give perfectly good idea for everyone to receive free of charge international phone calls. But what about with the travel data #roaming? The WorldSIM’s offer has also a great opportunity for travel data roaming. According to their offering, 1 gbyte data roaming in the countries of EU is $47.25, and its duration one month! I think it’s a good deal! Henrik’s tweet focused my attention to airBalticcard. You can check this company’s rates on their catalogue. As you can see it has same offering for travel data roaming according to the rates and duration.

travel data roaming

Finally I can tell you, WorldSIM is much better for receiving of  incomming callings, but airBalticcard could be also an alternative when you wanna use the Internet, worldwide. In both of case the purchase method is same. First you have to buy your SIM card and after you can get additional services. The purchase of travel data roaming sim card a good idea, because you can save a lot of money when you are outside of your country.

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