Three Border Mountain

Do you like the mountain tours? Read and share my article about Three Border Mountain! In this case I can suggest to you an excellent place if you are around Budapest. The name of #mountain comes from the fact that the borders of 3 cities (#Buda, Óbuda, Pesthidegkút) met at this point in the 19th century. Today, these cities have merged into Budapest, but the mountain’s name has remained unchanged. It’s a perfect tourist spot in any season. The green environment is beauty on summer and the snowy hillsides with amazing pines on winter.

The Three Border Mountain is very nice in winter 🙂

Three Border Mountain

The highest point of this mountain is the favorite starting spot of hang-gliders. The view from here is the most beautiful. When the weather is nice the eyeshot is very high. In this case clearly visible from here: Leanyfalu, Szentendre and the famous Omszki Lake.

The latest look-out on the top of Three Border Mountain

The newest look out point on Three Border Mountain

However this beauty place waiting for the hikers with a new #attraction. There’s a new look-out tower and it’s the newest project of the Three Border Mountain  touristic development programme, where the visitors can enjoy the full Budapest panorama from the tower which is already open for tourists, thanks this to Pilisi Parkerdo Zrt.

Three Border Mountain or as the Hungarians call, Hármashatár-hegy, already gives home to the Open-Air School, the ZöldBázis Touristic Centre, and the HangÁr Bistro. The new tower has an octagonal shape, it is 4 metres high, and provides an excellent view of Budapest and the Danube. Be careful on your tour after sunset, because you can eaisly loose your way on the mountainsides.
Be careful the national tourist routes here with blue – white color signals mean longer than 1000 km. I just would like warn you, because I had a funny personal experience, here 🙂

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