Thermal Spa Eger for your perfect recreation

To move, but to rest?! Going to the Thermal Spa Eger!

If you just would like #relax and meaningful leisure is your desire, Thermal Spa Eger waiting for you! Thermal #spa of Eger was opened in 1932. The water centre just some minutes off the city centre. This place is consists of 7 pools. There are sportsfields, and direct access to the Turkish Bath.

Are you a sports fans? 

I suggest to all sports fans use what the big swimming pool’s offer. This covered swimming pool is open in winter and summer time alike. 28 Celsius degree the temperature at the big pool. Considering that sport swimming pool, I think it’s very pleasant. Relax, personal experience 🙂

Available pools and further offering

  • 3 medicinal pools with radon
  • 1 thermal poolThermal Spa Eger
  •    half-opened entertainment pool for adults
  •    entertainment pool for children
  •    swimming pool
  •    water massage with curative water of radon content

Its introduced a novelty, that more services are available, like baby pool, waterslide park and bathing house. This outstanding year was in 2013. Perhaps cliche, but it has been one of the most beautiful, and most popular spas of Hungary ever since 1932. The youngest guests will never forget the castle-pool, venue for huge water-fights. Younger adults can find their favorite from the half-open entertainment-pool’s fourteen various recreational facilities.

Turkish Spa wellness and the background story

Well, as the tales usually begin with, Once upon a time 🙂 There was a prophet and he’s name’s Mohamed. Mohamed believed regular bathing is good for fertility – we all know the miraculous effects of soap and water – and as he wanted to have more and more followers, he ordered his people to go to a bath once a week and have a proper bath. Well, I think the hygiene must be an important part of our life, so I totally agree with him, it’s a good habit: P There was a Turkish pasha, Pasha Arnaut, who had a beautiful spa with golden cuppola built in this town, so that mohamedans could have bath and pleasant conversations. This wonderful spa is still here, although after several renovations, and is still awaiting its guests with seven pools, and high-quality wellness and healthcare-services.

Mohamed’s gift to us inter alia, the hammam massage is at Thermal Spa Eger

hamam massage

From Mohamed fantasy give to us many services. Do not worry there is an adult division, though not certain, that’s like what you think 🙂 Besides the well-known refreshing, relaxing and medical massage, our offer also includes a traditional and widely popular turkish #hammam #massage. There are several reasons to  its popularity quit large. I don’t explain the all reasons, you must  experience personally. The hammam massage is a traditional Turkish purfication ritual. Not mentioning the fact that hammam helps the purification of the skin, completed with the muscle-relaxing effect of the massage.

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