Smart idea for Instagram fans

My smart idea for the Instagram fans

Many people in this world who like to #travel and #shoting, especially the Instagram fans 🙂 I think the traveling is a good activity for us. The recreation is great for the body and soul alike. When we traveling, or we’re on our vacation area, we like to take photos. Why? Well, not so that we ourselves take a look at those. Most people think, and rightly, that we’re young to do that! We shot the photos for other people and for our children 🙂

Instagram fans

There is a country in the world where the shooting actually a culture. The Japanese anywhere to go,  shoot everything, and adopt all knowledges.

The travellers and many other people love the Instagram’s service. Well, it’s a simple online service wich good to sharing of your photos with others, online.  The travellers and many other people love the Instagram’s service. Well, it’s a simple online service, which is good to share your photos with others, online. Opposite of other with services, everyone can see your photos without registration if you like.

You can #download easily the #Instagram #application from the Google Play Store and you can install it to your smart phone.


There is only one disadvantage of this application, but fortunately I know the solution 🙂

You have to know, that the Instagram application only for smartphones exist, the desktop version does not exist. Actually the reason is very simple. The programmers have developed this application, so that the smartphone to be able to shooting and  uploading the photos. However, the question arises, how can we upload the photos, from PC? You can download an application which called #Gramblr! The Mac OS X and also a Windows version does exist.

Gramblr Screenshot for Instagram fans

With this Gramblr software, you can upload as many photos as you want. If you newly registered at Instagram service, be careful. Never allowed upload photos too quickly, because the further attempts are ignored our Instagram!  If you have lots of photos on your PC which are waiting for your upload, I think the best solution if you use the schedule service. Have a luck 🙂

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