Omszki lake a great adventure on the summer

Refresh yourself at Omszki lake near Budapest

You can find Omszki lake at #Budakalasz, just north of the Buda border near Road 11. It is mostly famous for its wakeboard center, and even though it is illegal to swim in the lake, the citizens of Budapest simply ignore it. Even if you wouldn’t like to tame the waves on a board, you can find a nice spot on the pleasant lakeside, where you can learn the tricks from the wakeboarders. Originally it’s a quarry pond, but the water is crystal clear and teeming with summer life around it.

Omszki lake on the map

The most well known mining lake in the area of Pest county is located north of the city, nearby Budakalasz. Because it is so easy to get here – by train or by car, #Omszki #lake is very popular among those who want to escape the capital on the hot #summer days. Believe it or not, but in summer this lake as if it would be the sea. The constant waves, and lake’s deep blue color, is simply indescribable! I really love this place and can recommend it to tourists.

Life pictures from the Omszki lake

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Things to do at Omszki lake

All you need is a swimsuit and a towel. You can lie down in the grass of the lakeshore and you can just relax and watch the people. In addition to the citizens of Budapest, many people come here from Slovakia, Germany and the surrounding countries. Needless to say, they do not deal with a government prohibition, that the  swimming maybe dangerous  🙂 There are more buffets near the lake and if you want more than just swimming, you can use the #water-ski line developed on the lake. Huge plus for Omszki Lakeis that it’s never too crowded, there are just enough people to provide a nice summer atmosphere.

If you are already bored of sunbathing

The fishing is possible on the lake. Fishing tickets can be purchased at the snack bar, which is almost right next to the lake entrance. Two types of tickets can be purchased for fishing. The cheaper version is the sports fishing ticket. If you choosed to buy the sport fishing ticket, you can not take away the spoils! However, I think this is a better option for the tourists, as the fishing experience is important, not eating fish: D

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