Margaret-Island in the heart of Budapest

#Budapest has one of the most tourist attraction, is the famous #Margaret-Island, close to the downtown. The location is on this small map shown.


It lies in the middle of the Danube river between Margaret Bridge and Arpad Bridge. Apart from a couple of hotels and sport facilities, there are no buildings on the island. Many times the island is the place, where you can enjoy different musical shows.

Sports, recreation and fun on Margaret-Island

The island is the most beautiful in the summer, when it is fully covered with green plants. On this island everyone can find the entertainment, recreation. There is the Hajos Alfred National Sports Swimming Pool, the Palatinus water park and  Danubius Health Spa Margitsziget.


You can find here the petting zoo, the music fountain, and the Water Tower for families, and I’d recommend the Japanese Garden or a ride on a four-wheel bike for couples.

Margaret-Island from the air

Margaret-Island History

If you’re hungry for culture, check out the open-air stages and the medieval ruins of the island. It’s interesting, before the 14th century the island was called Rabbits of Island. Since the 14th century it’s called Margaret-Island after the name of IV. Bela king’s daughter.

What you absolutely must see

Small, featuring a wide range of exotic waterfowl among other animals, the Music Well or like the Hungarians call “Zenélő kút”, octagonal Water Tower. The Music Fountain and the Water Tower are protected UNESCO sites.

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Read what others have to say about Margaret-Island

  • Not too far of a walk from central Budapest this island houses many things, from magical fountains to a fully operational sports complex and extensive Japanese gardens. I think you have to visit even if for a short period of time. You can access the island at either side as its connected by bridges by I recommend using the V-Shaped Margit bridge. The Budapest Transport is good so you can get a tram that stops directly in the middle of Margit bridge. Margaret Island is only a short walk from there.
  • I think this would be a wonderful place in the summer season, but in the low season it looks drab and tired. There were still quite a few people out walking and jogging but it was obviously a time for repairs so the fountain was closed and some paths dug up. We found one brave stall open selling hot food, coffee and mulled wine where we sat wrapped in the provided rugs trying to stay warm. It is worth a visit, but if you have a chance go in the warmer months.
Further opinions, what you can read!
  • We visited Margaret Island in the afternoon and we loved it! The sunset was amazing from the Margaret Bridge, pure pink clouds. We enjoyed a ride with a bicycle that we rented from there. The gardens are stunning!
  • Margaret-Island is very beautiful with ZOO in the middle . It is favorite place for children and for people who like sport. Local people adore this island and visit it every day and for weekends.
  • The Park has special walk ways, and is great to relax and watch life go by , great and safe place to bike or just sit at a bench and read. Saw many young lovers , it was nice.
  • If you are looking to spend a bit of time to relax from your daily routine it is the best place to go.
  • If the weather is good, I recommend you buy some food and go on the island (you can easily walk from tram 2 last stop, near the parlament) for a picnic. After you can take a walk around the island. Or even rent some transportation (bicicles, etc)
  • Beautiful place, looking forward to returning next year to complete our visit. Just perfect. Could easily have spent hours here but sadly our flight was calling.

As a result of above opinions, what’s your decision?! Finally, my personal opinion about Margaret-Island. I think it’s an amazing place, and if you are with your family, the island is able to offer very good opportunities, because so many child-centered program is here. Especially the petting zoo attraced for children. Noterworthy, that Margaret Island provides a peaceful hideaway from hectic downtown Budapest with large green areas, flowery gardens, old trees, and lots of entertainment, that’s why because you’ll love this place.

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