Hotel Spa Heviz

Hotel Spa Heviz historical past

#Hotel Spa Heviz has a new name but looks back upon hundreds of years of therapeutic traditions, was constructed in 1871 by the count Gyorgy Festetics on the western shore of the Gyogyto (Medicinal Lake) at the foot of #Heviz Hill. He named it the Hetes Haz (House Seven), since it was the seventh house built along this row, and was the first stone building that rose above the ground floor.

Hotel Spa Heviz services

Hotel #Spa Heviz offers a golf course, a 24-hour reception and meeting rooms. Guests are able to work out in the gym, or borrow a bicycle and explore the surroundings. At our hotel we primarily employ the comprehensive traditional Heviz course of treatment, which is recommended to patients suffering from rheumatological and motor disorders, among many others. It is therefore recommended for sufferers from various degenerative joint and spinal disorders due to wear and tear, sclerosis, inflammation, metabolism and other causes, so-called soft-tissue rheumatism (affecting connective tissues), metabolic bone diseases or secondary joint disorders. Hotel Spa Hevíz provides easy access to the Keszthely Synagogue and the Festetics Palace. Conveniently based and featuring a sauna and a Jacuzzi. It provides a spa, as well as a hair salon, a mineral bath and massage services. You should try the sauna, it’s really good, because it’s good for your body and soul alike.

Hotel Spa Heviz

Advanteges of Hotel Spa Heviz

Especially relevant that the only hotel right on the Heviz Thermal Lake gives you a free entry ticket every day to the source of the health-giving water, to the Lake Spa. Thanks to the family atmosphere you can feel yourself at home. It’s amazing when you feeling at home while you have nothing to do but to relax and regenerate all day.

Heviz Thermal Lake

The State Thermal Bath Hospital of Heviz was built on the building of the bath estate after the Second World War. Heviz then became the country’s largest bath place for rheumatic and locomotor diseases.

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Are you interested in the opinions of other tourists?

  • I think it’s an interesting place to stay: Hotel is only a very short walk from Lake Heviz and as a hotel guest you have unlimited access to lake at no charge. Hotel offers all kinds of medical related treatments. Most visitors are using canes or walkers. Didn’t take advantage of any of the medical treatments although prices seemed very reasonable. Can book a room with lake view (front of hotel) although from the trees, it really isn’t visible. Back of hotel has “forest” view. Breakfast and dinner are included in “half board” and were adequate and had food items that would appeal to westerners as well as Europeans.

10 days have been good referral base

  • 10 days stay with family: I lived with my family in this hotel 10 days from 11 to 21 July 2016. The hotel is located near the thermal lake, and provides to all customers special bracelets for free entrance to the lake without restriction. The hotel has its own therapy department where you can take treatments and its own swimming pool with thermal mineral water.
    Rooms in the first building are better than in the second building. Clean rooms and comfortable beds. Friendly staff, which could speak English, German, Russian and Hungarian. It is better to choose half board buffet package, which will save your time and money.

1st class with a guest ratings

  • First class, I was totally satisfied: Contrary to what some opinion express I found this Hotel to be first Class. Food is adequate and very tasty, of course Hungarian style.The treatment provided is also excellent. Yes , it is not a Hotel for the vacation seekers and the guests are mostly middle aged or older. They come for treatment of their health problems and not to vacation. Rooms/classic are just fine, internet is provided free as well as wi-fi in the whole hotel. To be recommended. Staff quite friendly and yes they do expect tips and as elsewhere the service improves with your generosity. Go there, get healthy.
  • Lovely location and great value for money! First of all: getting there. It was recommended that I get the shuttle bus direct from the airport to the hotel, but at 160 euro I thought it was expensive, given I was paying 195 euro for 3 nights half-board accommodation! I opted for the train. Travelling there I took a train to Budapest, and 2 tubes across town to Deli station. Don’t do it. It took me about 2 hours to find my way. A taxi to Deli from the airport will cost you 5000hf (about £15) and takes 1/2 and hour! Buy a first class rail ticket to Keszthely for 4200hf, and sit-back and enjoy the scenery. Yes, it takes 3 and 1/2 hours on the train, but so does the shuttle. I’d rather the money I saved be in my pocket for spa treatments at Heviz!
  • This hotel is next to the unique thermal lake, so I had the opportunity to try it, even if I was on a business trip.

In addition our recommandation

If your desire is the thermal lake what I spoke about this hotel propably would be a perfect stay for you. A very good and clean hotel fine meals. Amazing jacuzzi inside the hotel good bicycles to rent 4.5 km far from Keszthely. Nice ride in the fields. Two minutes walk to lake Heviz with free tickets from the hotel. Free parking.

Finally, it promises great entertainment for the whole family, but it’s also could be a perfect choice if you going to a business trip. I’ve just only bad message for you. It’s quality hotel, but really busy 🙁 What does this mean in our daily lives? It is very difficult to find the availability time tables in their reservation system.  But you should not give up!

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