Great adventure in Tropicarium

If you are on your holiday with your family in Budapest, the #Tropicarium will be a great experience for children and adults alike. Actually it’s an aquatic zoo which is open on everyday of the year. Those tourists who have already learned about the place the real attraction are the lazy aligators, exotic birds, interesting reptiles, hundreds of colourful fresh- and salt-water fish within the reach of your hand, and main spectacle of this place is the scary sharks.  This place has many special offer to you. You can stroke and play with the rays. If you are an experience diver, you can swim with the sharks under the controll of the zookepers.

Experience opportunity in Tropicarium

Observation tunnel

The 12-meter-long observation tunnel and the huge, 4-meter-deep shark aquarium offer a breathtaking sight. Every Thursday at 3. p.m. the shark feeding show starts, when the divers hand feed the predators.

 A variety of wildlife

Visitors can get up close and personal with birds and small monkeys while walking through a tropical rainforest or watch one of the 8 sharks from a glass observation tunnel leading through their aquarium. Once everyone worth to visit, even if you have seen somewhere else like it.

Be careful, I'll eat you :)

As you can see the pictures above and below show the place is full of life. On this exotic places you can do everything, except the fishing 😀

But why fishing is prohibited in the Tropicarium? :D

These sharks are smiling so sweetly that should definitely see

in Tropicarium:P

Shark near the body

Useful information for tourists

Openning hours

Monday – Sunday: 10 am to 8 pm (the ticket counter closes at 7 pm)

Entrance fees:

Adult: HUF 2,300
Child & Senior: HUF 1,600
Student: HUF 1,900

Getting to Tropicarium: Tropicarium #Budapest is located within the Campona Shopping Center. Take bus 233 from Astoria, bus 3 from Móricz Zsigmond körtér or bus 14 or 114 from Kosztolányi Dezső tér.

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