Google Trips Travel Planner in your pocket

Google Trips debuted

Well, #Google Inc. announced few days ago an interesting new mobile application, it’s called Google Trips. This #application is enable and downladable absolute free of charge through the Google Play Store. As you know, Google gives us everything for free. But I exactly know there are big business interests behind the scene.

Google Trips

It is known that Google has a lot of services. Our favorite search engine monster trying to link it together nicely these services. Google Trips could be a tool to better plan your vacations and other travels. You can see a photo, a screenshot from my HTC Desire mobile.

Why Google Trips can be incredibly useful?

The online software, we can talk about any topic, can be useful. However, there is a weak point, namely the online connection requirement. Google #Trips now eliminate this problem! After the installation, their application’s first question will be Where do you want to go?and you can eaisly answer it, because the Google Maps works there in the background, and the search box is really sensitive.

Currently, the software includes these options: Reservations, Saved places, Food & Drink, Need to Knows, Things to do, Day plans, Getting around.

While you are online, you should be able to download all the necessary data. After you go to offline  you’ll have not any problem, because the searchable database is available. According to my personally opinion the Food & Drink and the Need to Knows will grab most people’s attention. I actually tested it off 🙂 I think the #travel guide books are expensive and those will be neglected in the nearly future.

But the app isn’t just for collecting information – it can also make #suggestions. Google says Trips can show you the most popular day plans and itineraries for the top 200 cities worldwide. This information is actually based on historic visit data from other #travelers, which Google has then assembled into lists that include the most popular sights and attractions. Why the „Food & Drink” is my favorite? Because not just limited to business, I mean restaurants contact information, prices, etc. Google Trips give to us useful information about the habits, and gastonomy, which is typical for the country where will be your destination.

The video presentation is excellent, but it would have been more cool, striking by a blonde-haired girl: D

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