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Cheap Flight Booking

Three Rules To Finding Cheap Airline Flight Tickets

1. The right time to buy

Don’t buy too late! If you’re flying out next week and you don’t have a ticket yet, then you’re out of luck.

2. The Right Time to Fly

If you pick a time when everyone else wants to fly, just for a sample the Chirstmas holidays, then you’ll be competing with other people for limited seats, which ultimately raises the price. Based on past experience, there are five periods within a year, when people tend not to fly that often. It’s called dead zones.

Dead zones

January, after the 7th
February, excluding Valentine’s Day
November, first two weeks
December, first two weeks

Two good advice: Fly middle of the week and Fly early in the day.

3. Always compare prices

I think it will not be difficult, if you try my offered Cheap Flight Booking, you’ll get many hits from this booking system.