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It is still nice weather towards the end of September, so one of two things what I feel. Hiking and writing about the article 🙂 In this post I would like give to you some information about the Castle of #Visegrad. Visegrad is a small castle town in Pest County, #Hungary. It’s located of 40 km north of Budapest on the right bank of the #Danube in the Danube Bend. Visegrad is situated halfway between Szentendre and Esztergom.

There are many things tied to this place. I mean of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, medieval citadel. The town’s name, a relatively unique sound. This is because initially Visegrad is of Slavic origin, meaning acropolis.

Castle of Visegrad

The Castle of Visegrad’s history

The Citadel (Fellegvár) and the Lower Castle The Visegrad double castle system is one of the castles built by Bela IV recognizing the consequences of the Mongol invasion. After the Mongol invasion, King Bela IV of Hungary and his wife had a new fortification system constructed in the 1240-50s near the one destroyed earlier. Actually the Citadel had a multifunctional role. It was protecting the valley of the Danube and controlling the main commerical route between Buda and Esztergom. The fortress consisted of two important parts. The most interesting part of the Lower Castle is the so called Solomon Tower. But the name “Solomon Tower” was only based on a false story. It’s started that Solomon was guarded in this Tower after loosing in the battle for the throne against King Saint Laszlo and Geza.

Royal Palace

The first royal house on this site was built by King Charles I of Hungary after 1325. In the second half of the 14th century, this was enlarged into a palace by his son, King Louis I of Hungary.  Between 1477 and 1484 Matthias Corvinus had the palace complex reconstructed in late Gothic style.

Royal Palace - Visegrad

The Italian Renaissance architectural style was used for decoration, the first time the style appeared in Europe outside Italy. After the Ottoman Turks’ siege in 1544, the palace fell into ruins. By the 18th century it was completely covered by earth. Its excavation began in 1934 and continues today. The reconstructed royal residence building is open to the public and houses exhibitions on the history of the palace and reconstructed historical interiors.

Things to do around Castle of Visegrad

This unique Hungarian building was constructed based on a southern-German design. Under the reign of Louis the Great King of Hungary, the famous bell-founder Konrad Gaal was operating in the fortress. Today the Tower is hosting a five-storey museum, introducing the history of Visegrad to its visitors.

Behind the castle hill a fanatstic excursion center has developed in recent years. If you long for some #excitement try one of the adventure activities:

visegrad extreme canopy

Game reserve, Forest cultural centre (Erdei Muvelodes Haza) provide enetertainment for families. Go for #hiking on one of the numerous hiking trails meandering through the Pilis Hills. At the Magda spring on the Telgarth meadow you can make fire for outdoor cooking. Take a walk along the Apatkut stream where you’ll find fishing pond, natural spings, playgrounds and a small arboretum in the valley. The Ordogmalom waterfall is another natural attraction of the valley.

Further photos — fabulous views

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Other travellers’ opinions

  • Well restored nicely maintained Castle of Visegrad and its surroundings with amazing rural scenery and the views of the Danube. Loved the village of Visegrad. Quite and calm not so touristic and most of them DON’T speak english! If you have time use the hiking path atleast to come down. Its a nice short hike through cool calm and quite forest. Try the Langos near the ferry port on the west bank, where the railway station is. It’s lovely.
  • If you make the hike up there are several trails. The castle and the views are even better. Partially reconstructed. Fantastic views of part of “the bend” in the Danube.
  • Part of a Danube Bend tour. Quite a lot of steps and the climb was a bit steep for some of the older travelers. Nicely preserved and worth a visit. Some gift shops at the base.
  • It is a must, if you are around —  even if you are in Budapest, you have to come and visit it. Plan at least 1.5 hrs for the visit. You can see vax historical figures, animals and the can learn easily the history of central Europe. There is an entrance fee, card is accepted.
  • This is a must visit in Visegrad. Well maintained, good tour. There are artisan shops for souvenirs after the visit!

More opinions…

  • I recommend you get a taxi – go to the touristic information point, as we did, and ask them to call you a taxi. And be prepared to be amazed! I believe it’s even more beautiful than what I’ve seen in Budapest. And it’s also great for pictures! Simply amazing!
  • A great little piece of history and amazing views from the top! The hike from the little town at the base isn’t bad at all and can be done in sandals, but not highly recommended as it is a rocky little path. The area is well kept and clean. Worth the time for the views alone!
  • Very nice view above the Danube. Interstant exposition of old culture and objects. Cheap price entrance.
  • The castle offers a marvelous view on the Danube and nearby localities. There are a few exhibitions related to middle age life in the castle, some with wax figures and others with stuffed animals. Much enjoyable for kids, a great family program overall.
Just in case if the flood of opinions would not be enough for you 🙂
  • You have to see this place and enjoy the day and the wonderful views of the Danube bend. It was great to be back since i visited in 2013.It a place that hold a lot of the Hungarian history to learn and experience at this location.
  • It was such a nice place and so much to see – you can see the Danube bend there. I was there with my students, and it seemed that they loved it, too.
  • Very different to the castles we have seen in Europe and UK, and no less interesting.  Very well preserved surroundings, with well thought out self guided tour in the form of information panels. The King Mathias Museum kept us all engaged; as did the vegetable gardens.  The views from the top level are fantastic!

Would you like more opinions? Believe me, it is not necessary. It’s better to you, if you ride this #trip personally 🙂 I’m pretty sure, if you go to Castle of Visegrad for holiday with your kids, you’ll feel yourself very well. Are you interested in the openning hours? Check it below!

Would you like watch a video about the #castle?

So, what is the view? Is it cool ,right? 😀 This video contains passages of great beauty panorama, what you must see! I think you’ll try this tour because of the article and the video together influenced you. The soul of man to nature and green area makes best, so if you think you can safely share it with others.  In the video’s description you can read more historical data and further opinions.

Useful information if you would like to visit the Castle of Visegrad

Name: Royal Palace of Visegrad
Phone number: +36 (26) 597010
Phone number: +36 (70) 5442903
Fax: +36 (26) 597011
Email: info@visegradmuzeum.hu
Monument: fortress, castle, palace, mansion, memorial place
Open from: 1. January
Open till: 31. December
Opening hours: During the year, from Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-16-00

 You can travel to Visegrad, by boat

For more official information, how you can travel from Budapest to Visegrad, by boat, please check the MAHART Passnave page of Budapest – Visegrad – Esztergom route. Will you take a piece of advice? The Danube flows towards the south! This means that it is much better to go by boat from Visegrad to Budapest than Budapest to Visegrad. Much more comfortable and faster the shipping on the same direction of flow of the river! I think from Budapest to Visegrad, so north, go by bus or rental car, and come back by boat. Fortunately you can purchase the the bus and boat tickets for single road.

More planning than a day trip to Visegrad? Grab your chance, here is what the hotels offering!

Finally, taking into account the opinions and my own experience of the Castle of Visegrad, I can only recommend the place for you!

I wish to you a great time spending in Visegrad, Hungary. Here you can check the whole available hotel offering in Visegrad. Please don’t forget tell me about your adventure around the castle or your hotel room.

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