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#Eger is well known about  many things, such as historic monuments, wines and medicinal waters.  In this article I would like to tell you about the history of the #Castle of Eger. It’s very important in the aspect of Hungary. By the 16th century, the Turkish invasion was in full swing, with Buda falling in the 1540’s.

For your understandig: Buda is a part of Budapest, Budapest the capital of Hungary received its name after the construction of the first bridge.

In 1552 the Turks turned their attention to one of the biggest obstacles in the region, the fortress of Eger. The Castle of Eger is located east of the town on a hillside. Its actual location was not ideal from a military point of view. The castle overlooks only the southern and western parts of the walled town. However, it had the advantage over the Ottoman forces as it provided excellent locations for gun positions.

Most noteworthy is, that the old style intact status of the castle preserved

Castle of Eger

The Hungarian defenders, only two thousand strong, managed to withstand a five-week siege by a force about forty times its size. In such an exemplary army of Hungary it had not since then and in the novell of Geza Gardonyi The Stars of Eger it was immortalized. The castle of Eger has several-century past could be studied. Acutally it’s a Gothic bishop’s palace. The Eger Castle became a museum for posterity.

Who is Istvan Dobo? He is a dominant figure in this story. Dobo became the commander of Eger Castle in 1549. He became famous as a result of his successful defence of the castle during the Siege of Eger.

Details of Castle of Eger for tourists

Address: 3300 Eger, Vár 1.
Phone number: +36-36/312-744
Email address:
There are also various programmes offered to visitors alongside the exhibitions to illustrate the historical traditions of the fortress. As a result this place became to a trendy tourist attraction. Maybe you liked this story and  you would be happy if you find a perfect hotel on the area. In this case first off all check the databse of Eger hotels and select your hotel which is really close to this amazing castle.


Before traveling, perhaps you’d be interested in the opinion of other travellers

  • Hike up the hill and enjoy a lovely view from the ramparts. Castle itself not so amazing, but worth the time and effort for a visit, and in the end this is a historic attraction.
  • Eger Castle has an interesting history. It’s perched high above the city, and although there are only a few ruins, it gives you a gorgeous view. In the summer, it seems like there are a lot of free concerts, which gives you a chance to get on site after hours for sunset photos.

  • Do not miss it, if you are in Eger! Very good activity to visit the historical castle on top of the hill. The castle courtyard underwent reconstruction when we were there, but the museums were accessible (buy the full ticket to get entrance to all exhibitions). Plan to spend at least 2-3 hours to see everything. There is also a 3d movie about the castle and Hungarian history, but that content says hardly anything new to locals, although is filmed in Hungarian language (English subtitled as far as I remember).
  • It’s amazing! Really good activity with kids, you have to devote at least 2-3 hrs for the visit. You will get a free tour with the ticket (can pay by card), if you are lucky you will get a good guide who can tell you interesting stories about the history and story of the castle. Wax (planetarium) was interesting, you have to pay additional fee to see this attraction.

My hotel tip for you: Hotel Aqua is friendly, nice hotel only 2 minutes from Castle of Eger.

Other tip trip for you: visit to Basilica of Eger 🙂

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