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Perhaps the first and most important information you may need, to be related to #Budapest Transport. You can travel to Budapest, Hungary by plane, train, bus, etc. we try help you find your way. How to make your way into the hearts of  Budapest from the Liszt Ferenc airport or formerly name Ferihegy?

Budapest Transport

Of course, the service provider BKK covers the whole area of Budapest, so by their timetable you can plan your trip easily.

Budapest Transport

Certainly the taxi services are always available in the whole area of Budapest, but the most tourists’ favorite choice is the airport bus with 200E number. The route of this bus is from Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport to Kobanya Kispest station which meets with the M3 metro line. This bus is operated by BKK. The single ticket’s price is  350 HUF, but if you would like a profitable roaming on the area of Budapest the monthly pass is more better, especially if you are a student, because in this case you can get more than 50% discount from the price. You can find BKK’s timetable calender in English here. This timetable can be downloadable in PDF format, so you can print it easily before your trip.

Shipping with Budapest Transport

BKK ship flight

Would you like take a little tour with ship through the cheaper services of BKK? On this useful page you’ll get more information and timetable about the available ship flights around the heart of Budapest. Be careful, maybe the transport company is totally same but the single tickets’ price is different. If you would like a small cozy shipping your single ticket price will be 750 HUF.

What you can to do if you would like take a little tour to Pest county’s area?

Volanbusz Official Logo

The Volanbusz is the biggest company which could be take you to Pest county or any other Hungarian rural areas. You can find their timetable and routes here for your comfortable planning.

Budapest has the following Volanbusz stations

Bus station at Arpad bridge: 1133, Budapest, Arboc u. 1.

in Csepel: 1212, Budapest, Vermes Miklos street

Bus station also in Csepel: 1212, Budapest, Szent Imre square

at Kelenfold: 1119 Budapest, Somogyi u. 35.

at Nepliget: 1091 Budapest, Ulloi ut 131.

at Stadion: 1143 Budapest, Hungaria krt. 48-52.

at Szena square: 1024 Budapest, Széna tér 2.

at Ujpest-Varoskapu: 1138 Budapest, Ujpest-Varoskapu


Sometimes the train could be more comfortable especially on more distant destinations!

Mav Official Logo

There are 3 main international railway stations in Budapest: Eastern (Keleti palyaudvar), Western (Nyugati palyaudvar) and Southern (Deli palyaudvar). More than 50 trains a day provide direct links between Budapest and 25 other European capital cities. There is also a popular network of Inter City trains linking Budapest with the main Hungarian towns. All three international railway stations are part of the Budapest Underground system, the Metro.

1. Keleti palyaudvar
VIII.,Budapest, Baross square Tel: (+36-1) 413 – 4610

  1. Nyugati palyaudvar
    VI.,Budapest, Nyugati square Tel: (+36-1) 349-8503

  2. Déli pályaudvar
    I., Budapest, Krisztina blvd. 35-37. Tel: (+36-1) 375-6593

The Hungarian Railways (MAV): visit for more information.

For your further information: railway network and important buslines, thanks to Budapest Transport.

Reliable taxi firms in Budapest

The fare is composed of 3 parts:

  • Basic fee (450 HUF)
  • Per kilometre charge (280 HUF/km)
  • Waiting fee (70 HUF/min.)

City Taxi

Bigger taxi companies offer rates lower than the maximum listed above. Most of them have an English-speaking telephone operator, and you may ask them to send a driver that speaks at least basic English. It is worth noting down the telephone numbers of a few bigger taxi companies in Budapest, and then calling them, because a cab ordered by telephone is less expensive than one hailed on the street. Some drivers are known for notoriously overcharging tourists. It is better to ask your concierge to order a taxi for you from a reliable company, or try calling them yourself.

You can find the important information for the taxi services in Budapest on their official web sites:

City Taxi, Fotaxi, Buda Taxi

Reserve your hotel room in Budapest

I’m pretty sure if you come to Budapest for a visit, you should read the available information on this page, because you can save a lots of money.

Do you need a reliable accommodation offering in Budapest? Thanks to this page you are able make a root from your arrival point to your destinaion, so with the following reservation system you can find your perfect hotel in the aspect of service and location alike.

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