Basilica of Eger

Basilica of Eger in perfect style

#Basilica of #Eger is the second largest in #Hungary. From the street side a huge and very impressive building with a typical dome. It can be visited by tourists and quite famous. The interior impresses by its vastness, beautiful decorations and impressive paintings on the ceiling. The sanctuary towers is well visible also from the distance. I think it’s really cozy.

Basilica of Eger

Some historical overview what you should know before visiting

It was built and designed by Jozsef Hild from 1831 to 1836. Archbishop Parker initiated the construction of the building. The statues standing outside the cathedral are works of Marco Casagrande.

The famous organ at Basilica of Eger

The famous organ at Basilica of Eger

Tourists opinions among themselves

  • Go to an organ concert: The basilica is beautiful. It is free to wander through and definitely worth a look, but my recommendation is to pay the small fee (a couple euros) and stay for one of the daily organ concerts. It brings the basilica to life and that life makes it even more lovely.
  • Very impressive #church, but smaller from the inside than you would expect on the outside. I highly recommend it because worthwile to see.

The organ of the Basilica was made by company Moser in Salzburg at the end of 19th c. In the main season (15. May – 15. October) visitors can listen to organ concerts every day at noon time.

The frescos decorating the domes of the church were painted by Istvan Takacs. Istvan Takacs is an artist from Mezokovesd, so typical folkart motives of his homeland can be discovered in his paintings.

„The heart having beaten for Eger should stay in Eger” this was the last wish of the builder, Janos Pyrker, whose heart is buried in the central part of the crypt of the cathedral.

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